Cameron G. McDougall, M.D.

How do I make an appointment?
  • The referring physician's office should contact Dr. McDougall's office at (602) 406-3964 to obtain a consult/referral form.
  • The referring doctor's office should send or fax (602) 406-7131 patient demographics and records, including a copy of the patient's insurance card, recent imaging and a referral if required by current insurance company(s).
  • If the patient is a self-referral, then records as listed above from the most current physician or the physician who referred the patient to BNA are required. The records can be mailed, faxed or hand carried to us.
What happens next?
  • Dr. McDougall will review the patient's records before any appointment is scheduled, so that the most appropriate level of care will be given for his or her condition.
  • Dr. McDougall's office will mail to the patient all necessary forms required for the appointment, to be completed in advance.
  • Dr. McDougall's office would like the patient to come in 30 minutes early for registration if all forms have not been completed in advance.
What else do I need to know?
  • Dr. McDougall will schedule patients on Wednesdays.
  • Dr. McDougall will see patients who have had previous surgery(s).
  • Dr. McDougall will provide 2nd opinions.
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